Activities for you toddlers:

You can plan interesting activities for your baby to enhance their skills and learning abilities. Children start exploring their surroundings and taking pride in their new accomplishments by this age. Most babies also learn to walk and balance themselves because of improved muscle strength. The ability of the child to move around gives them the freedom to be independent. They can hold objects, drink out of a cup, stack bigger blocks, and make a mess out of things. Children could speak a few words at this age but can comprehend and follow instructions. They show an eagerness to solve problems and love indulging in imaginative play. It is the phase when you should let them enjoy their playtime and have fun. Here are some exciting activities for 15-month babies that will keep them entertained and amused.

Activiies for 13-15 months.

16 - 18 month Activities:

19 - 21 month Activities:

22 - 24 month Activities: