Raising - 13 months toddler

Your little explorer is getting more independent and curious by the day. She may have plucked up the courage to take her first steps on her own. If so, give her lots of applause. This will reassure her, and motivate her to keep trying out her new-found skill. Most 13-month-olds are able to grab a block and drop it into a container. Your toddler will have great fun with this, and will be happy to show you what she can do over and over again, as she loves repetition. Your toddler may even be getting skilled enough with her hands to scribble with a crayon. You’re officially well into the second year of your little one’s life! If the first year was a whirlwind, this one is full of many more exciting growth and developmental milestones. As your toddler's mobility improves — he may be cruising or walking independently now — he’ll be eager to explore the world around him. Expect him to get into plenty of places he shouldn’t (now’s a good time to childproof those kitchen cabinets!). And even though your toddler may not be saying much yet, he’ll still find plenty of ways to get his message across: by pointing at what he wants, tugging you by your pants legs into the kitchen, or grabbing your phone right out of your hands. Here’s what else you can expect from your 13-month-old toddler.

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